The upside to a sick toddler

Typically, the only two TV shows Mitchell will watch are Sesame Street or Curious George. When he’s sick and lethargic, though, he’ll broaden his horizons a bit. Today I tried to show him Toy Story. He loved it up until Sid came on the screen. I guess at least I don’t have to worry about him rooting for the bad guy! Of course, when he pushes the buttons on his Buzz Lightyear doll or pulls the strong on his Woody doll each time the character has a line in the movie, I find myself rooting for Sid just a bit.



This worked out way better than Aladdin. I may have…um…misspoke a bit and implied that Abu was Curious George. After about five minutes he figured it out and hit buttons on the remote until he changed channels. Bummer. He also may have been scared of Jafar. But hey, who isn’t? I never realized how scary Disney villains are until I tried watching it with a 2 year old. C’mon, Disney!

By themagnificentms

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