Where are the cameras?

There’s nothing like trying to get out of the house by a certain time to make you feel like your kids are auditioning for Candid Camera. Seriously, there were a total of six outfit changes in this house before 10 a.m. I thought I had Rosie and myself looking particularly stylish for our outing to the play gym in the rich neighborhood, picked her up to leave, aaaaaand…let’s just say there were two outfit changes right there. At that particular moment, Mitchell figured out he could move the big step stool to different rooms to reach even more things he shouldn’t have. Since this step stool was made for me by my grandpa, who gleefully encouraged ornery behavior, I have to smile in spite of the 500 stickers strewn about the house. Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure Rosie is intentionally going through outfits because she loves being naked. Fastest way to a smile is to strip her down. It’s such an adorable smile that I’d be tempted to let her go naked if it’d just warm up a smidge. Not that I’m complaining about the mid-50s we’ve been enjoying the last few days though!




By themagnificentms

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