Way to celebrate two months, Rosie

Rosie is officially two months old today. She had the worst birthday celebration ever. We went to her doctor’s appointment this morning, and the doctor was very anxious about her breathing. She said it was too labored and when she was really upset, she was wheezing a bit. She checked her oxygen levels, and they were great, so at first she was going to just send us home and have is come back tomorrow for another check, but after coming into our room about five times to look at her again, she decided she was having to use too much muscle to breathe and needed to head to the ER for observation for a few hours, possibly overnight. It’s a very good thing I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast this morning, because my stomach did a number of flops at that point. I was shaking so bad trying to carry her and Mitchell to the car that the car seat probably felt like it was vibrating to her. Justin met us at the ER and we proceeded to experience a very traumatic hour. I know those nurses are concentrating on doing their jobs, but c’mon. A little compassion would be lovely. They did deep suction on her, which was awful, both for her and for me (Justin and Mitchell left the room for that). In the end, the ER doctor concluded that her pediatrician was being a little overly cautious in sending her to the ER. She did get diagnosed with RSV, but he said she was on the upswing of it and I was already doing everything he would have recommended.

So, while it was an awful way to spend her two month birthday, there were some bright moments: In the doctor’s office, I was holding Mitchell and the doctor was holding Rosie. Rosie was crying, and Mitchell started getting upset, then started patting my shoulder and saying “Baby night night”. He then got down, went and put his hand on her belly and said “Mama baby” several times, getting more upset each time. He definitely did not approve of anyone else touching his baby sister! The other bright moment was when the doctor was rattling off all the recommendations for making her more comfortable and I was answering with everything I’d been doing. After the doctor left, Justin said, “I love going to the doctor with you. Because whatever they say to do, you’ve already done it.” It was probably the best compliment I’ve ever received, and it was perfect timing. My whole ride to the ER, I was thinking about what a terrible mother I was to have let my baby get sick like this and to not have even known that it was bad enough for an ER visit (thankfully, it hadn’t been). I kept thinking that my entire purpose right now is to keep my children happy and healthy, and I’d failed at that. Trust me, plenty of tears were involved. Another kind of bright moment was the car ride home. My gas light had come on as I left the doctor’s office, so I did a Google search for the closest gas station when I was leaving the ER. It took me to a very scary house in the ghetto. I didn’t see any gas pumps, but I didn’t exactly stick around to look too hard. Leaving wasn’t easy, though, because the GPS kept trying to send me the wrong way. At one point, I was trying to turn left at a stop light and sat through a couple rotations because cars coming the opposite direction weren’t slowing down for yellow lights. I would have had to run the red light to turn. Which I eventually did, because the car behind me started honking his horn. Mitchell decided that was the sound a car made when it was hurt, and the whole rest of the way home he kept saying “mama car go ow”. Well, until we got to Sonic. As soon as he saw Sonic he started saying “mama juice”. It was hilarious.

But, all is well, and at least now I have my very first ER visit out of the way. Hopefully that doesn’t become a trend!



By themagnificentms

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