Happy 12 weeks, Rosalynn!

Rosalynn is 12 weeks old…a few days ago. Wah wah wah. I promise the picture isn’t quite this old.


She’s getting much more interested in her surroundings. She loves talking to us, and especially likes making faces. We have another weight check this week, so keep your fingers crossed that she’s still gaining! According to her clothes, she is gaining weight AND height! Thanks to her hernia, I have to keep her pants riding pretty low, so we should get plenty of wear out of the 3-6 month pants. But the onesies are already getting a bit tight.

She’s still very sensitive to light and sound when she’s tired. The other day we went out to eat (Yaffa grill – Mediterranean food – YUM) and almost all the walls of the place were windows. Then sun was shining in, which wasn’t a problem while she was awake and sitting up and happy, but as soon as she started to get tired, she got very upset. She wouldn’t even eat when I took her out to the car because it was too bright. I can barely even talk when she’s trying to eat because the sound bothers her so much. I have no idea how this happened with a second child, but somehow, she’s decided she needs it quiet. Which works out very well with a very loud toddler!

Overall, though, she’s definitely coming into her own. I can’t believe how much her face is filling out. And how much she resembles Mitchell! Mitchell still insists on taking pictures with her in the evenings, by the way. It’s adorable.

DSC_0011 DSC_0004 DSC_0001

Also, LOOK AT THESE EYES. Aren’t they GORGEOUS?! They’re a little bit darker than Mitchell’s, and they are outlined by a VERY dark color, almost black.


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