Happy 3 months, Rosalynn!

Rosalynn Elizabeth is three months old today! Can you believe it?


She’s known around here as Rosie, Rosa, Rosita, Baby, Baby Sister, Weewee (that’s all Mitchell there), Little Bit, something that rhymes with Little Bit…it all depends on her mood, my mood, her brother’s mood, whatever.

She’s really starting to get interested in the world around her. I’ve figured out that holding her on my lap facing out buys me some content time. Her favorite activity, though, is laying on the floor or her changing table and having people make faces or noises at her. I think the changing table is her absolute favorite place in the world because she gets to look at the hats, I make faces at her, and she gets naked. All of her favorite things.

She had a very grumpy day yesterday, but other than that she’s been much happier lately. I think yesterday was some stubborn gas. I won’t say that she had an unusual amount of gas yesterday, because she’s one of the gassiest people I’ve ever met, but it wasn’t as free-flowing as usual. Justin likes to point out that she’s DEFINITELY my child.

She has quite a bit more of a routine than Mitchell did at this age. She wakes up by 7:30, but woe be the household that keeps her up past her nap time of 9:30. She’s usually asleep at least an hour for that nap, but if we’re out and about and she’s in the sling she’ll sleep until about 12:30. She also likes to sleep at about 1:00 or 1:30, but that’s a pretty short nap. And the rest of the evening is filled with little 10 minute naps. She will only fall asleep in certain places: her car seat, the ring sling, her swaddler, or watching her mobile in her crib (but only for the 1:30 nap). She’s definitely choosy!

Oh, and during her grumpy day yesterday I had an appointment at the OB/Gyn. As usual, they were running behind, so we spent over an hour in the waiting room. There were two babies there: Rosie and another baby about two months old. Between the two of them, when I was finally called back, we left behind an entire room full of terrified pregnant women. One of the terrified women was the kids’ pediatrician, who is pregnant with twins. At one point her two-year-old said, “Babies crying. Tell them stop crying!” The doctor kind of laughed and said, “Just wait, you’re going to have to get used to this! This is what it’s going to sound like when both of your little sisters get started!” You could see the exact moment when she realized the truth of what she just said. She got very quiet for the rest of the time we were there. Ha. That’s payback for ordering so many darn tests and check-ups!

It’s so nice getting to know her. She’s getting so cuddly. She’s definitely the center of attention around here!


By themagnificentms

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