Nothing terribly exciting, don’t get your hopes up. Lots has been happening lately, and I guess I forgot to update the blog.

Rosie has been in an awesome mood…until Grandpa came to town and she had the opportunity to show off her good mood to someone else. Then she reverted to her old “I hate life” mood. We tried to go out to a birthday dinner on Saturday night, only for me to spend the majority of the meal sitting on a toilet trying to calm her down. Oh, and overhearing a lovely person in the stall next to me ask someone on the other end of her phone call “Who brings a baby to Red Lobster anyway?” Um. Yeah. Because THAT makes me feel better. Who talks on the phone while they pee anyway?

But anyway. Grandpa’s visit was filled with shopping, eating, and a quick trip to the doctor to be told Rosie is still rocking the 34th percentile in weight at 12 lb 7 oz. So we still get to do weight checks. Grandpa’s trip out here was the best birthday present I could’ve gotten, but him leaving was the worst present I received. Ugh. Mitchell is just plain obsessed with his grandpa, and I’m sure once Rosie decides that anybody other than Mommy is worthy of holding her, she’ll be obsessed with him too. Grandpa, Mitchell, Rosie and I went to Ikea for what I thought would be a quick trip, but there’s no such thing as a quick trip to Ikea. Mitchell was hilarious, though, and, if nothing else, has a future as an Ikea salesperson. Every time we entered a new staged room, he would very loudly exclaim, “Oh WOW!”

While here, Grandpa set up a giant train set that he bought for Mitchell a long time ago and I’ve carefully hidden from him ever since. Unfortunately, he found it in the basement a couple weeks ago and totally remembered that I’d told him Grandpa had to set it up for him because Mommy didn’t know how. As soon as Grandpa got here, Mitchell took him to the basement and pointed it out. This train set is the loudest darn thing I’ve ever heard. You can’t even hold a conversation in the same room as it. So of course Mitchell loves it.

Other new things from Mitchell: he’s learned about stoplights and squeals whenever the light turns green. Which is awesome, because Rosie hates the car now and if she manages to sleep through a red light, she definitely doesn’t sleep through Mitchell’s green light announcement. At least I don’t have to pay attention to lights anymore, though, as Mitchell lets me know when I need to hit the gas. Ikea taught him what an arrow is (lighted arrows mark the paths), so green arrows receive special exclamations of “Arrow! Arrow!” Today at the airport, during the 1.5 hour delay, he decided he knew how to say “patty cake” and sang along through the song. I should have taken that as a sign that he was more enthusiastically embracing this whole speech thing, but I remained oblivious and called a car beside me on the way home a choice name. Right away, Mitchell parroted back something that sounded remarkably similar. Sooooo I guess I need to start watching my language. He also started saying “bow”. Grandpa put a bow on him and told him he was a present for Mommy, so now he keeps sticking bows to himself, coming to me and saying “Ya Ya BOW Mama!”

Rosie has started reaching out and grabbing things. Most things are adorable, like her new obsession with grabbing blankets and pulling them up to her face, but some things, like my hair, are less than adorable. Oh well, it’s not like I wore it down very often! She’s also started getting some good belly laughs going. She can only laugh for a few seconds before she gets the hiccups, though.


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