Every day is Mother’s Day!

I’m in a good mood and the kids are behaving beautifully today, so I feel comfortable saying that EVERY DAY IS MOTHER’S DAY around here. As opposed to when both kids (and therefore I) are crazy, when I’d add a good dose of sarcasm to that statement while wiping the random spot of poop off my arm.

But seriously, I wonder if mothers whose children experience a normal (what is normal?) speech development fully appreciate each and every word that their child learns. Today Mitchell informed me that he pooped and it was the cutest darn thing I’ve ever heard. As we hiked today, he narrated each and every step with “up up up!” or “down down down!” And yeah, every step was either up or down. Holy crap, I’m out of shape.

20150509_111033 20150509_104632 20150509_105135 20150509_105146 20150509_105210 20150509_110232 20150509_111002

The cuddles in the next pictures are not out of the ordinary for me. How awesome is that? Mitchell loves me SO MUCH that if I’m sitting down, he wants to be on my lap. Sure, it gets a little awkward when I’m nursing Rosalynn, but hey. No secrets around here, I guess.

DSC_0005 DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0003 DSC_0004

I really am lucky. I’ll just have to remember that the next time that Rosie is juuuuuust starting to fall asleep in her car seat, Mitchell sees a green light, screams in excitement, wakes Rosie up and she starts screaming. Those moments are less than awesome. But when we get home and Mitchell brings me a giant stack of books to read to him, I feel a little better about the level of excitement he brings to everything he does (just don’t blame me if those Sheep in a Jeep turn into a lovely kabob).

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