So close to the finish line!

Justin’s coming home tomorrow afternoon (he’s been gone since Monday). We’ve made it four whole days without him, and we’ve been doing pretty well, but it’s definitely a good thing he’ll be home tomorrow. Mitchell really misses him. There have been a couple instances tonight when he thought he heard the garage door open. It wasn’t pretty.

In true Miranda all-in fashion, for some reason I decided that this week was potty training week for Mitchell. I had all these visions of Justin returning to me standing victorious next to a totally-potty-trained Mitchell, but instead he’s going to come home to a house that has a lovely urine smell and a toddler so pumped full of liquids he swishes a bit as he walks. Turns out my child is not one of those awesome kids who gets potty trained in two days. He’s been going on the potty a few times per day for a few weeks now, but still wearing a diaper so accidents were no big deal. I’ve been told (by many people, including complete strangers) that potty training will never be successful as long as the kid is still in diapers, so I bought a pack of training pants and decided to go for it. So, ever since Monday, every half hour you can find us in the bathroom. Rosie’s also decided this week that she needs to eat every hour (including all night), so I feel a bit like a ping pong ball right now, just running back and forth between the two. But, after buying another couple packs of training pants, some bribery hot wheels, and an extra potty seat, I think we’re on the right track.

The Hot Wheels are a reward for when he goes poop on the potty. So far he’s gotten two. So he carries them around calling them his “poop cars”. It’s hilarious.

I also bought a little backhoe and told him he got it when he took himself to the potty with no prompting from me and went potty. So of course every time he walks into my room and sees it, he says he has to go pee (yes, he insists on saying pee instead of potty) and then asks for the backhoe. So I told him it was for when he was playing or doing something else and went potty in the potty before he went in his pants. So, a couple hours later, he’s going down for a nap and comes running out to pee. And then asks for the backhoe. I have no doubt that he was just avoiding nap time though!

You really have to be specific when asking him to do something. If there is a loophole to be found, he will find it. A favorite of his is at bed time when I tell him to go lay down in his room. He goes just inside his doorway and lays on the floor. When I tell him to move up to the bed, he’ll lay his head on the bed and nothing else. He’s just so hilarious.

Rosie’s decided this week that she’s pure angel (except for the waking up all night thing). She smiles and coos all day long. However, today she was responsible for one of my more embarrassing moments. I met a couple ladies while doing a mom and tot hike, and they offered to keep me company today. So we went on a hike and then went to a fairly upscale little restaurant for lunch. It went really well. All the kids behaved. Rosie played in her car seat until the last ten minutes of our meal, then I held her on my lap. Shortly after holding her, I felt something wet on my leg. Yep, she’d pooped all down my leg. It was everywhere. So there I was, in this restaurant, with a child with poop all over herself and poop all over my leg. I honestly considered “spilling” my iced tea all over myself to cover the stain. But I didn’t. I put her back in her car seat (no way was I going to attempt that change in the restaurant), tried to position the car seat in front of my leg as best I could, walked through that restaurant with the best salmon I’ve ever tasted but don’t know if I can return to now, and stepped outside right into a grade school field trip. Every single little brat immediately started yelling “Ew, what’s that smell?!” I finally got back to the car and realized that the diaper was much worse than I expected. Every single article of clothing she was wearing had to be removed. She even had poop on her socks. How do you get poop on your socks?!

She thought this was all hilarious, of course.


So she got to ride naked the whole way home. Every once in a while I would forget and breathe through my nose and gag a little.

We went to the park a lot this week. Mitchell discovered that slides create static.


Mitchell’s obsession this week is backhoeanddumpcar. Yes, dump car, not dump truck, and yes, all one word. They accompany him everywhere. He’s decided that his sand box is dirt and spends most of his day scooping up sand with the backhoe and dumping it into the dump truck.


Did I mention that Rosie is adorable?



And Rosie’s adorableness + Mitchell’s adorableness = way too much for for me. Let’s just hope they’ve outgrown that adorableness when they’re old enough to gang up and ask for things.


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