Mommy Fail Weekend

We just concluded what will probably go down in history as the Great Mommy Fail Weekend. It started on Friday, when I dropped the car off at Sear’s at about 9:45 for an oil change and to get a tire fixed. All we needed to do was find Mitchell a backpack of his own to take on the airplane with us. We stayed at the play area as long as Mitchell wanted, then ate lunch, and finally at 12:30 they called and said they’d gotten the oil changed. Still waiting on everything else. I reminded her that I was towing a toddler and an infant around the mall and would appreciate any rush they could do for me. We wandered around for another hour, at which point Mitchell was DONE with the mall. He kept asking to go home. I called Sear’s and was told that they were performing a test to find an antifreeze leak. I asked them to stop because, seriously, we were SO OVER the mall. He said he’d call me back when they got the car down. At 2:30! FIVE HOURS! Carrying around Rosie and the worst diaper bag I’ve ever had (definitely returned that). Mitchell was pretty upset with me. But we did get a backpack for Mitchell! Mitchell was so excited when we got home. He asked me to put Rosie in his bag, but of course I said no, so he carried his baby around and told me to carry Rosie around.


And, because he’s decided he no longer naps, this was Mitchell by that evening:


So. Moving on. Saturday, I bribed Mitchell with a visit to the new water park if he didn’t have an accident in his pants all day. The forecast called for mid-80s. We planned on getting to the park at noon when it opened. At 1, we pulled out of the house and headed toward the park. One of the upsides about a garage is that you don’t have to deal with the weather trying to get to your car. One of the downsides of having a garage, apparently, is that you don’t catch sight of the weather before you get in the car. So I didn’t understand the empty parking lot when we got to the park. Or the empty water park. Yeah…turns out it was only 70 degrees.


Mitchell didn’t care. We stayed, since we figured it would warm up. We were wrong. I finally called the trip off when Mitchell was shivering so badly he could barely walk.

We got home, and Mitchell refused to nap. I wasn’t surprised. Afterward, we decided to run out to the Strawberry Festival in one of the suburbs around here. Justin swears he told me before we left that each year over 100,000 people attend the festival, but I don’t remember that. And the only thing that mattered to Mitchell was that he got to ride a “BIG yellow school bus”. I cried seeing him get on the big yellow school bus wearing his backpack. Seriously. It killed me. He looked so darn grown-up but so darn small, all at the same time.


Rosie was so ready for the strawberry festival!


However, remember how I said the forecast for earlier in the day was for the mid-80s? Yeah. It got there. While we were at the Strawberry Festival, crammed into those streets like sardines with all 100,000 other participants. We walked around trying to find the famous strawberry donuts, only to find one stall closed and the other stall had an hour-long wait. So, no strawberry donuts. Just a terribly overpriced bratwurst because that was the stall with the shortest line.

After that, we were pretty done with the Festival. Luckily it was 8 and the Festival was closing, so we didn’t have to come up with some excuse to run away. We got back on the shuttle BIG yellow school bus and…CUE THE MOST ADORABLE THING I’VE EVER SEEN. The entire ride, Rosie was lunging for Mitchell. She kept getting this huge grin on her face and trying to grab his face. It was the best thing I’ve ever experienced. All the people on the bus behind us were laughing and saying just how adorable they were, and I tried to be gracious and say “thank you” instead of “I KNOW!”

I couldn’t get a very good picture of it, but hopefully this gives you some idea of the level of adorable going on here.

wpid-20150606_195946.jpg wpid-20150606_200035.jpg

And then, since he hadn’t napped that day, this was Mitchell at about 9:00:


Have I mentioned how great Mitchell’s doing with his speech? His new adjective is “big”. Everything is big. BIG car. BIG yellow bus. BIG pee. And the other day he started with “all day”. “Baby night night ALL DAY.” “Ya no poop ALL DAY.” Today he started saying “did”. If I ask if he peed, he goes and picks up the potty and goes, “Hmm. Yep, Ya did.” God forbid I argue, because then I get, “Ya DID pee! Ya DID!” Oh yeah. He’s shortened his name to just Ya. We’re getting a few short sentences, and the best part is that he’s reading books to himself. Obviously not really reading, just repeating, but he has three books pretty much memorized: Sheep in a Jeep, Pout Pout Fish, and Brown Bear Brown Bear. Overhearing him read them to himself is one of my favorite things.

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