Happy belated 5 months, Rosalynn!

Gah. I’m terrible. Rosie turned 5 months old 8 days ago, and I’m just now getting around to posting it! In my defense, things have been going a little crazy around here. Is jet lag a thing when you didn’t leave the U.S.?

Anyway. Happy 5 months!


Look at my little chunk! If you look closely enough, you can even see some arm rolls. This isn’t the best shot to see them, but this girl has some ridiculous thigh rolls. Her legs are like a little shar pei. I don’t know how much she weighs, but she’s in 6-9 month clothes. She had to switch to 6-9 month shorts a month ago because 3-6 month shorts wouldn’t fit over her thighs. But her feet are still too small for shoes. Length-wise, she can almost fit into 0-3 month shoes, but width-wise, she’s still in newborn shoes. So shoes just fall right off her feet. She doesn’t even have to go to the trouble of pulling at them.

Rosie’s currently going through a bit of a spoiled phase. Apparently 24 straight hours of being carried in the sling (during airport hell) wasn’t enough to ruin it for her. I figured by the time we got home she wouldn’t want anything to do with the sling. But no, she’s decided that’s the only place she wants to be.


At night, she only sleeps for about an hour at a time. Sometimes she’ll sleep for two hours. Since she used to only wake up once or twice a night, this is, to say the least, a disappointing turn of events. I read that she could be outgrowing the swaddler, so last night we attempted the night without the swaddler, but it didn’t make much of a difference. Oh well. I mean, it only took two years for Mitchell to sleep through the night, so at least I know that it won’t last forever! :S

Other than the sleeping thing, she’s adorable. She rolls all over now, usually trying to get to Big Brother. She seeks out her favorite toys (a lovey blanket, a teething ball, and a stuffed animal). She doesn’t hesitate to let the world know when something isn’t to her liking. And when she’s being carried around, she tries to flip around so she can face out and watch everything.


She’s such a snuggler, too. As soon as I pick her up, she nuzzles into my neck and acts like we’ve been separated for days, not just the three minutes it took me to pee. She’s very much a mama’s girl, so I thank the Pinterest gods daily for giving me the pattern for the ring sling. I have no idea how people have two kids without a ring sling. At least one child would be screaming constantly around here without it. I just hope Rosie decides she can do without it before she’s 5. I’d rather not carry her to kindergarten in it.

Oh, and Daddy’s new shirt is very interesting!


By themagnificentms

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