Mitchell repairs the morning

This morning was pretty much declared a fail by 7:30, and ever since then, Mitchell’s been working to repair it.

First, there was this little nugget of adorable:


Apparently Cabbage Patch Baby is now Child #3. The bad part is, it looks totally plausible that she could be my third bald little baby. Seriously, my poor little baldies. Mitchell even has hair now, and he still looks bald.

Anyway. A few minutes later, he tried to sneak outside in his underwear. When I told him he couldn’t go outside, he thought it was because he didn’t have shoes, so he put shoes on. Then, for clothes, he chose a cape. A for Effort, buddy. And another A for Adorable.


He wanted to get outside to play with his new favorite thing, a wiffle ball hung from a tree. Uncle Travis told me about it while we were home, and I finally remembered to do it last night (while I was supposed to be doing homework, but this was much more fun).


Mitchell’s in love. He’s decided baseball is his new favorite thing. The neighbor kids play it all the time, but the youngest one is 7, so they are a little big for Mitchell. Not in his eyes, of course. In their eyes. While we were home, he played baseball with some friends’ kids and he thought it was pretty much the best thing ever. As a leftie, he made it a bit harder on the pitcher, and on Mommy trying to show him how to bat even though she’s never played baseball in her life.

Since he loves baseball so much, Justin decided that we’d all spend Father’s Day at the local minor league team game, the Dayton Dragons. Mitchell watched the game for approximately two minutes, then decided that the 7-year-old sitting next to us was much more interesting, karate chops and all. But I got a couple pictures that prove we were there, so when Mitchell’s 20 he can look back at the pictures of him and Dad at baseball games over the years and say that he’s always gone to games with his dad. Fake memories for the win!

wpid-20150621_160431.jpg wpid-20150621_155851.jpg

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