Just try to keep a smile from your face during this adorableness.

wpid-20150626_121609.jpg wpid-20150624_151543.jpg wpid-20150624_151539.jpg wpid-20150624_151801.jpgwpid-20150626_121550.jpg wpid-20150624_174110.jpgDSC_0004

At 22 weeks, Rosie is still refusing to sleep for long periods of time – at night. The sling is a different story. I haven’t yet resorted to wearing the sling to bed, but it’s close. Thankfully, she’s adorable as hell during the day, chunky thighs and all. I mean, HELLO, look at those eyes. Gah. She turns into a cartoon character when she smiles! She’s hit that awkward stage where she really really wants to be up and around, but just can’t yet. She grabs for all my food, all Mitchell’s toys, everything. Her favorite thing right now is a set of links. She rattles them, she chews on them, she gets body parts stuck in them (did I mention she has CRAZY narrow feet), all in all she loves them. She also loves Laika right now. Poor dog. If she isn’t outrunning Mitchell (who’s decided she’s a horse), she’s getting drooled on by a baby. Luckily she’s got that neglected child persona going on, so she takes any attention she can get, good or bad.

By themagnificentms

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