A random bit of cute

I’ve been stockpiling some adorable pictures, because every day these two do something that needs to be shared.

First, Mitchell’s decided he has to take care of his baby again. First, he put the baby in his shopping cart and went around the house shopping. Which was awesome when I found the shopping cart later and had to go put everything back. But he even put the dog food on the bottom of the cart (judging by his grunts, it was very very heavy). Then, “time to go home!” Baby got put on the play mat (“Want that? No? Ok.”), put in the baby seat, and, finally, “Time to go night night. Hug, kiss, love you, miss you.” Because that’s what he does before bed now.

wpid-20150629_124437.jpg wpid-20150629_125359.jpg

That’s right, Mitchell’s started saying “I love you.” All of a sudden, Justin and I sound like little pre-teens in our first little relationship. We’re constantly trying to goad him into saying it, and when he does say it, it enters into that never-ending loop of “I love YOU!” “I love YOU!” Thank goodness it isn’t over a phone so we’re spared the “No YOU hang up!” “No YOU hang up!” He said it the first time a few weeks ago as I was putting him to bed. I hope I never forget that moment. I went to walk away, said “Good night, I love you,” and was shocked to hear “I love you” back. He may have gotten to read a couple more books that night.

Mitchell has decided that he loves nap time again. Ever since we got back from Kansas, he’s gone to sleep within twenty minutes and stayed asleep for at least two and a half hours. Of course, the trade-off is that it’s in Mommy and Daddy’s bed, and Justin decided that means he gets a nap on the weekends too.


Of course, it couldn’t last forever. At the beginning of this week, Mitchell skipped a couple naps by closing his eyes for a few seconds, opening them, and exclaiming “Ope! Ya woke up! Time to get up!” Me: “No, you didn’t wake up. You can’t wake up unless you go to sleep. You didn’t go to sleep, you just closed your eyes.” Him: “Ya DID sleep! Ya DID!” This continued for two hours, getting progressively more angry (on both parts) each time the argument began. But he seems to be back on track now.

Anyway. Moving on.

The boots have made a comeback. I thought I’d gotten so lucky that he was leaving them alone now that it was shorts season, but no. I didn’t knock on wood enough. I can’t even tell you how many people stopped to smile at him as he rode the horse in the grocery store yesterday in his cowboy boots and construction hat.


Rosie’s starting to sleep better. Not at night, of course, but during the day. She sleeps so soundly that yesterday I was able to undress her, change her diaper, and get her dressed without waking her, something I have NEVER been able to do, even when she was a newborn and supposedly slept very soundly according to all those emails I got about her development.

wpid-20150703_115845.jpg wpid-20150703_120559.jpg

She also got her first stroller ride the other day! Usually she’s just in the ring sling, but I decided to try out the stroller on a walk. She loved it, but probably only because Mitchell kept running ahead and then racing back and yelling “Boo!” and giving her a hug and a kiss. As soon as she would see him coming, she would start squealing and shaking her arms up and down. It was hilarious. I mean, a small part of me went, “Oh, you never get that excited for me and I give you life!” But mostly adorable. Try not to notice her total and complete baldness in this picture. Because she’s bald. Like, whoa bald.


Speaking of walks, it’s summer! Which means, watermelon! Personally, I find the stuff disgusting, but apparently I’m the only one in this house of that opinion. I’m also the only one in this house who can cut the watermelon, but since it’s mostly for Mitchell, I won’t get annoyed by that. Mitchell goes through this stuff like water. Get it? Because watermelon is like 80% water? No? I was probably reaching for that one.


Here’s another fun new development: Mitchell’s decided he can read. Obviously, he’s just memorized the books. Gee, I wonder how he’s memorized these five books. We only read them twice a day (nap time and bed time) every day and have for months. But now Mitchell wants to read his books to himself, us, and, most adorably, Rosie. Try to ignore his nakedness. He’d just gotten out of the bath. At least he was modestly covering himself with the book.


This book is “It’s Not Easy Being Big”. It’s about Big Bird, who is too big, and Elmo, who is too small. So almost everything and everyone in our house is now classified as either too big or too small. Rosie is too small, Daddy is too big, Mitchell is usually too big, Laika is almost always too big, etc. One thing Mitchell doesn’t think he’s too big for is Rosie’s walker. Somehow he thinks that if he is sitting in the walker, he’s tall enough to reach the fan. Seriously, that’s what he told me he was doing.


Finally, and I promise this is the last one, did you know toddlers sleeping are adorable? I wonder if I’m still going to be sneaking into his room to take pictures of him sleeping when he’s a teenager. Would that be creepy? Probably.


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