Happy 4th of July!

Justin and I have owned a dog who’s terrified of fireworks for just about our entire relationship, so, as a couple, we’ve never really gotten into the 4th of July. We were that old “damn you kids and your loud ass fireworks” couple even in our early 20s, and it only got worse once we had a child who woke up at every little firecracker a mile away. But THIS YEAR we’re really going to do it up big. Ok, really, we went to a parade and plan on going to “family-friendly festivities” at the park later this afternoon. I have no idea what “family-friendly festivities” entails, but if it’s anything close to the parade, it’s us being crammed into a small area with a terrible person making passive aggressive comments about my two year old supposedly stealing candy from her nine year old. HELLO, it’s a parade. The candy is thrown, the children chase it, almost everyone is disappointed in their haul, and then you go home and steal all the candy from your children. But at least my children were more adorable than her children. Teehee.

DSC_0014 DSC_0007 DSC_0010 20150704_100137

We also did our own backyard barbecue last night. Sure, I spent about four hours of time preparing for it (which is really easy with a toddler and an infant), but the result was SO GOOD that I didn’t regret it.

wpid-20150703_201543.jpg wpid-20150703_194244.jpg wpid-20150703_184433.jpg wpid-20150703_194103.jpg

Mitchell decided that eating outside at “his” table was so much fun that we needed to do it for every meal now. And yes, Rosie is participating in mealtime now. She gets very upset if she doesn’t get her cereal at dinner time. It’s so bizarre. I’ve never tasted the cereal, because I use breast milk to mix it with and, as awesome as I think breast milk is for babies, I’m not about to taste it except for those awful moments when I give my baby a kiss right after nursing her and have to wipe my mouth real quick because she was saving a bit for later. But anyway. I’ve never tasted the cereal, but it smells awful and bland and I wasn’t surprised at all when Mitchell refused to touch it. But Rosie loves it. It makes me sad.

Wow, that was a weird little side note for a 4th of July post, huh?

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