An Odd Predicament

I find myself in a bit of an odd predicament: I can’t find a way to discipline Mitchell.

He gets into these moods where he runs and hits whoever’s in his path – Rosie, Laika, or Kingsley. He laughs and runs off like he’s trying to get them to play. Obviously, this can’t continue, so I’ve scoured the internet for options. Since he isn’t doing it out of anger, that takes away the majority of advice, as it’s all about teaching kids to better handle their anger. I’ve explained that hitting hurts, that he’s hurting his sister and/or puppies, and he does feel bad. He runs to get them a boo boo pack, give hugs and kisses, etc. He just can’t control himself beforehand. So we’re back to time-out for hitting. Zero tolerance. Which brings me to my odd predicament.

I can’t make it a punishment.

So we started with time-out on the couch. Then he started having fun with it. He’d start bouncing his hand or leg against the couch and giggling. So we moved to his bed. Same thing. So, finally, we designated a bar stool as the time out stool. It’s high enough that he can’t get off, there’s no rung for him to brace his leg against or kick, there are absolutely no toys within reach, it’s perfect. Let the punishment commence.


HE MANAGED TO MAKE IT FUN. I walked away so he wouldn’t be getting attention for his time-out, and I came back around the corner to find him making faces in the mirror behind him. Ok, I can fix that. I took the mirror away.

HE STARTED THROWING AN IMAGINARY BASEBALL IN THE AIR AND CATCHING IT. Seriously. Giggling the whole time. I just don’t know how to deal with that.

I mean, I think it’s great that he can figure out how to have fun no matter what his surroundings. But seriously, how do I do a time-out that’s not fun if he can have fun no matter where he is?! On the other hand, I really enjoy his default attitude (especially now that I’ve seen the other side of the spectrum).


By themagnificentms

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