I’m calling it: she’s sitting up!

I’ve been wary to say Rosie’s officially sitting because it’s only been for a few seconds at a time, but I think we can officially say she’s sitting now. She’s moved up to sitting for a minute or longer at a time, and she uses her arms to brace herself so she doesn’t just fall right over when she leans to get something. She’s thrilled with herself!





Whether we like it or not, Rosalynn is mobile. Both Mitchell and I are in the “not” category, but for different reasons. Mitchell’s discovered the “mine” thing. And when Rosie rolls off her play mat to grab his Hot Wheels, he goes, “Oh, no no no!” and rolls her back to her play mat. Of course, he does the same thing when she rolls off her mat to get one of her toys. I had the best conversation this morning:

Mitchell: “Oh, no no no! That’s mine!”
Me: “No it’s not, it’s Rosie’s. It’s a baby toy, why do you think it’s yours?”
Mitchell: “Because I want it.”
Me: “Solid reasoning, son. Good to know our immediate gratification materialistic culture won’t die with your generation.”
Mitchell: *pause* “It’s mine?”
Me: “No. But A for effort.”

It’s fun around here. I have a lot of conversations that I never thought I’d have. Like yesterday, when I had to convince Mitchell that, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t pump milk for Rosie. Or when I had to convince him that he didn’t really want Rosie’s baby food, which is homemade and diluted with breast milk. I tried telling him that sixteen years from now, when we’re revisiting this moment, he’ll thank me for saying no. Somehow he didn’t believe me. But I stood firm. Just joking, I bribed him away from the baby food with pizza rolls. Which he said he hated, until he tried them, then he wouldn’t let me eat mine because he wanted them ALL. “Mine.”

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