Happy 27 weeks, Rosalynn!


I can’t believe my little girl is getting so darn big. I think with Mitchell, I was constantly looking for his next step, his next big advancement, so I celebrated each and every little milestone. But with Roe, I’m concentrating more on the things she does that still make her my baby, so I’m surprised when she makes a big leap forward. And yes, in some cases that’s a literal big leap forward, as the dogs have learned when she’s in her walker. She can really navigate that thing these days, and her favorite things to chase are the dogs and her big brother, neither of which particularly appreciate it.

She’s VERY happy and talkative these days. Here are a few videos of her many chatters:



When I was pregnant, I read that having the children give each other a gift was really good for bonding and introducing the big brother to the new baby, so I bought the kids matching Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. Neither child showed any interest in them. I guess Rosie had an excuse, but still. But Rosie recently found Raggedy Ann and LOVES her. Hooray! Mommy win!


She’s also VERY grabby. It’s very hard to get anything done while holding her because she grabs whatever is in my hand. While in the walker, she grabs anything that’s within reach. Her favorites are dish towels, Mitchell’s artwork that’s hanging to dry (“NO, Wee, don’t eat that!”), the grocery bag holder, and the trash can. Yeah, we’re working on it.

She takes a particular interest in Mitchell’s toys, which doesn’t go over very well. Mostly because she stuffs everything in her mouth right away and Mitchell thinks she’s eating it. But he certainly didn’t appreciate the twins taking anything she was playing with. He’d grab it back and say, “No, don’t take that! Wee was playing with it!”


This is Mitchell’s baby. Rosie is not allowed to touch it, ever. Mitchell gets VERY upset. So, of course, Rosie focuses on it. Either that or she thinks she’s looking into the mirror, I’m not sure.


Hey, you aren’t using that pacifier, are you? Wanna share?


Mitchell does, however, enjoy putting hats on Rosie. I have no idea why he has such a sour look on his face in this picture. He was laughing right before I took the picture.


And, because no post is complete without a little Mitchell in it, here’s Mitchell in a box. Doesn’t everybody hang out in boxes?


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