Happy 28 weeks, Rosalynn!

Little Miss Rosalynn is 28 weeks old. 28! Where has the time gone?


As long as I’m not trying to enforce solitary confinement (otherwise known as sleeping alone) she’s a perfectly content, perfectly adorable little chubster. And I do mean chubster. All her weight seems to be going straight to her thighs. Yesterday I had her in a cute little denim skirt. It’s size 12 months. And wouldn’t stay down over her thighs. We went to the Air Force Museum and Justin was pushing her around in her stroller while Mitchell and I spent our time in the ok-to-touch exhibit, and Justin definitely made a comment about me putting her in a skirt that wouldn’t stay down. He isn’t going to have a good time with her teenage years.

Her favorite person continues to be Mitchell. She follows him everywhere in her walker, and if we’re in the living room she watches him non-stop. This will probably get interesting when she can crawl.


Crawling isn’t very far off at all. She does a weird little forward movement right now by keeping her chest on the ground by straightening her legs, hoisting her butt off the ground into the air, and pushing herself forward by her tippie toes. She usually employs this when trying to get Hot Wheels, because those things are baby crack. She can’t stop herself around them. Mitchell’s less than thrilled about it.

She can also sit up on her own if her head is slightly elevated. The other day she was sleeping on the couch next to me with her head on the pillow. I happened to look over at one point and she was sitting up next to me looking VERY confused. She also thinks the bouncer is an awesome place to sit, too.


I can’t believe she’s growing so fast! Pretty soon she’s going to be this cool:


(Mitchell did this because he was in a MOOD and I told him we were “going to go rounds today”. So he started going in circles in his tricycle saying “I going rounds!”)

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