Playing so nicely!

These two play so nicely together right now! *KNOCK ON WOOD*

All evening yesterday he followed her around, giving her peas to eat. “You want peas? Eat, eat! YOU LIKE IT! YAY!” But, oh my goodness, when she grabbed a slice of pizza, “No, no, Baby! Pizza not for babies!” Rosie thought she was getting away with playing with toys that weren’t hers, so she was all about this game. Have I mentioned that I’m terrified of baby-proofing this house? She’s WAY too thrilled with getting anything she doesn’t think she’s supposed to have. Like kitchen towels (which stay hung up for about two minutes when she’s in her walker) or dishes from the dishwasher (her big brother specialized in grabbing this exact strainer, too).


Roe is up to TWELVE MONTH PAJAMAS. Can you believe it?!


We took a nice walk the other day. Mitchell brought Mr. Penguin, because Mr. Penguin comes everywhere with us now.


The walk was so exhausting, Roe didn’t make it home. But at least she chose an absolutely adorable position to nap.


By themagnificentms

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