Is it summer?

This week has been a BEAUTIFUL week here in Ohio. Today (Thursday) is the first day it’s gotten to 75 degrees! So we’ve been spending pretty much all our waking hours outside. It’s been absolutely glorious.

I decided to pull the camera out and snap some pictures the other day. Here are a few of my favorites:


“Hey, what’s that stuff off the blanket? Grass?”


“Oh that looks YUMMY!”




It’s a really good thing I find her super-exaggerated upset face so cute, because she’s been wearing it a lot this week. I’m crossing my fingers that she’s teething and this isn’t just the new normal. She’s been FUSSY. Holy cow. Pretty much, if she isn’t in my arms, she’s crying. Day, night, sleeping, awake, whatever. This awesomely weird pacifier/teether bought me a good 15 minutes of time merely in her sight yesterday. But if I tried to leave her line of sight, she screamed.


She’s not ALL fussy. She does have some bright moments. Like this morning, when we were trying to get ready to go and Mitchell DEMANDED Rosie sit with him on the couch.


Oh, and coming home from the store, she lost her pacifier but found an alternative.


Teething is definitely one of those situations where I just smile and say, “This too shall pass.”

By themagnificentms

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