My fantastic husband’s birthday is today. He’s turning an undisclosed number.

I don’t know if it’s easy to grasp from these sporadic blog posts, I love this man. These kids love their dad. He’s absolutely amazing. I’m very spoiled around here, and so lucky I am married to him.

Every weekday morning, Mitchell is so excited to get out of bed and play with Justin before he heads to work. He no longer sleeps past 6:30, because he wants to make sure he can get as much playtime as possible with Justin. When Justin gets home, Mitchell’s first words are usually, “Yay, you’re home now! We can go play now!”

Obviously, there’s no telling what the future holds for our little family. There’s never a way to know. But, if the present is any indication, it seems that we’ll (hopefully) be a family that genuinely enjoys each other’s company. I sure hope so, anyway.

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By themagnificentms

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