Happy Birthday to my Mitchell!

My baby, my little Mitchell, is three years old today. After he went to bed last night, Grandpa, Justin and I decorated the house so that when he woke up, he very excitedly ran around the house saying, “Oh, there’s Big Bird! Oh, there’s Abby! Oh, there’s Elmo!” Then he discovered the 5 foot tall Big Bird helium balloon. Day. Made. It’s been a very exciting morning around here so far, and we’ve only just begun! It’s so exciting, this is the first birthday that he’s really understood that it’s his birthday. And he figured out VERY quickly that birthday = Mommy says yes to EVERYTHING. So he’s currently perched in front of Sesame Street eating Cheetos out of the bag. Every time a new character comes on the TV he runs to one of the decorations and points it out.

Last night, we had a “chat” before bed about his birthday. I managed not to cry, but Justin certainly didn’t help. He kept trying to point out that it was my last night with Mitchell being 2. NOT HELPING. Mitchell was thrilled with the idea, though. https://goo.gl/photos/RKP8vjdJoWAACVt57

And here’s him this morning. https://goo.gl/photos/oJVgrg6mv77d91vV7

This morning I received an email from one of those baby development websites congratulating Mitchell on being 3 years old. They said he was no longer a toddler, he was now a preschooler. When I finished crying, I unsubscribed from that email and told Mitchell he was the best 3-year-old toddler a mom could ever ask for. But he’s been the best EVERY age I could have hoped for. I never imagined he would be THIS awesome with his baby sister. I never imagined I could love someone quite this much, especially when that someone specializes in wiping boogers across the front of my shirt. I just never knew how great being a mother could be. Obviously, he’s not all awesome. But it’s overwhelmingly awesome.

They say that by the time a person is 3 years old, their personality is already set. While this means I’m always going to have to deal with his orneriness, this also means I hit the kid lottery. He’s so kind to others. He hates seeing other kids cry and immediately tries to hug them, asking “Are you ok? This make it better?” He’s loving. At least once an hour he has to come give me a big hug, just because. He’s hilarious. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. But once he sees he’s made someone laugh, he won’t stop. I really hope this isn’t the amount of energy he’ll have for the rest of his life, though. The amount of energy this kid has with just seven hours of sleep at night is scary. I completely underestimated how much energy a toddler could have. He just runs. Nonstop. Running. If he isn’t running, he’s jumping. How? How is it possible? How can he not get tired? Energy drink companies would make bank if they could figure out how to bottle toddler energy.

God, I love this kid. I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

By themagnificentms

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