Grandpa > anyone else

It’s pretty great that Grandpa got to be here for Grandparent’s Day. But I think it’s even more fitting that he had to go home on Grandparent’s Day, and we all knew we wouldn’t be seeing him again for a long, long while, because it made us even more thankful to have him in our lives.

Our house is more fun with Grandpa here. There’s constantly a smile on Mitchell’s face, and no parent can’t smile when their kids are smiling. Rosie even enjoyed playing with Grandpa. Our house is more relaxed with Grandpa here. Mommy gets to take private showers. Somehow every trip to the grocery store (which seems to have to happen at least once per day) becomes a fun outing (just so long as it doesn’t involve hide and seek).

I won the lottery for awesome dads. Just don’t tell my teenage self that, because she’ll just point out her unreasonably early curfew and junker car. But, just like my love for Justin increased tenfold seeing him be a father to my children, my respect for my dad has grown immensely. He’s an AWESOME Grandpa. Him and Mitchell are well on their way to an epic grandpa/grandson relationship and I’m sure him and Rosie will have an awesome relationship, too, just as soon as she decides that anybody can hold her other than Mommy. I just have to learn to accept that the basis of that relationship is doing things that Mommy doesn’t approve of, like peeing outside.

Of course, Mitchell and Rosie have many other AWESOME grandparents that I wish we could see more often. One of these days we’re going to get home to see everyone!

Definitely going to be heavy on the pictures!

DSC_0074 wpid-20150908_091325.jpg wpid-20150909_102709.jpg wpid-20150912_191406.jpg

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