Bipolar. I swear.

If I’d written this yesterday, like I had planned on doing, this title would have been something like, “Who are these children, and where are mine?” This week, my children have been creepy well-behaved. Like, so well-behaved that it was disconcerting. I found myself wondering what they were planning.

On Monday, Mitchell and Rosie were best friends. I overheard Rosie start crying on the monitor while I was in the bathroom. By the time I got to the bedroom, I saw Mitchell holding her hand through the bars telling her “It’s ok, Rosie.” Ugh. Heart melting!


I thought their adorable camaraderie was over when Rosie snatched Mitchell’s Curious George, but instead he just grabbed it and started cuddling with her with it.

wpid-20150916_092841.jpg wpid-20150916_092944.jpg

On Tuesday, Mitchell had his 3 year check-up. He took Curious George with him, because he takes Curious George everywhere. The nurse was so nice and took Curious George’s temperature and vitals before she took Mitchell’s, and Mitchell encouraged Curious George the whole time. “It’s ok, Curious George. It’s ok. You’re just at the doctor.” When it came time for him, he didn’t even blink. The nurse was so impressed. But not nearly as impressed as she was at the very end of the appointment (an hour later) when she needed to take some blood. She did the finger prick and he didn’t even jump. She had to knead the finger for a good five minutes to get enough blood to fill the vial, and Mitchell didn’t cry, didn’t struggle, didn’t fidget, nothing. She kept telling him what a good job he was doing, then turning to me and saying, “Seriously, he’s doing so well! You have no idea how rare this is! He’s making my job so much easier!” By the end, she told him he’d been so good, he could grab three stickers at the check-out desk. Then, when she told him she was done with his finger, he told her thank you. For drawing his blood. Seriously. She looked at me and said, “Did he just say…” And I said, “Yep, he just told you thank you.” She said, “Oh, you just grab a whole handful of those stickers! I wish I had something better to give you!” Unfortunately, the mean receptionist was at the check-out desk, so I limited him to three. She scares me. Oh yeah, Mitchell is 31.8 pounds and 38 3/4″ tall, which is pretty average percentile for both.

After his stellar performance at the doctor’s office, I told him we could go to the mall. Last I’d heard, the play area was supposed to open again at the end of the summer. But, since I’d promised something to my son, of course I was wrong. The play area was gone. Completely gone. With a little sign saying it’d be back at the end of September. So Mitchell got to ride the car. And Rosie was bouncing like crazy in the stroller watching him, so I put her up there too. At first, she thought it was the greatest thing on earth. She kept looking at Mitchell and kicking her legs and getting really excited. Mitchell was less than thrilled that he had to share the car. Theeeeen….I started it.

wpid-20150915_112557.jpg wpid-20150915_112604.jpg

Full story:

After the car, the first stop we made was to JCPenney. Mitchell saw a pack of cars he wanted, and I told him if he was SO GOOD in the mall and held onto the stroller the whole time, no getting distracted and running off, we would stop and get the cars on our way out. I figured there was no way he’d be good the whole time. Wrong. That kid never ventured away from the stroller handle. He was a perfect angel. Absolutely perfect. He got his favorite meal from Chick-Fil-A and just sat there eating his food until it was gone. He didn’t get fidgety in his seat or anything.


So, of course, as we were leaving, he reminded me that he got cars. Yeah, yeah, you get cars. Because we needed more cars in this house. Just the other day I slipped and fell on a Hot Wheels. IN MY SHOWER. Seriously. MY SHOWER. A Hot Wheels. Why? Oh, they were dirty. They needed a shower. *grumbles because it’s freaking adorable as he’s explaining it so I can’t be mad*

On Wednesday, we ran to the grocery store in the morning. Mitchell was so sweet, so polite, and so well-behaved that we had to stop at the park on the way home.


Lucky for me, Mitchell’s bipolar switch got flipped this morning, so I no longer needed to wonder what he was planning or plotting with all those angelic moments. He was on a roll this morning. It was like he’d saved up all his behavior from the previous three days and just let it all out. Oi.

So, on our way home from speech, we took a detour. I didn’t know what was down a certain road, and it turned out it was a lake. I thought, “Oh, how relaxing.” And it was. For about five minutes.

wpid-20150917_140552.jpg wpid-20150917_140534.jpg

He was convinced there were turtles out there. There probably are. Huge, man-eating turtles. He got bored looking for them, so he started throwing leaves in the lake. Keep in mind, we weren’t on the beach. We were just on some random trail that happened to adjoin a few rocks at the side of the lake. Part of the lake that was probably 50 feet deep, I’m sure. I’m a mom. I can sense these things. And those rocks were at a very precarious 30 degree angle. Maybe even 45 degree. At least, that’s what my panicked brain saw when Mitchell kept trying to edge further and further out to throw the leaves. We didn’t stay there too terribly long. But there were some nice trails that we walked. I can’t get over how tall the trees are in places around here. It’s very beautiful.

All in all, though, this picture pretty well sums up the mood of this week:


Calm, happy, touching. 🙂

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