Happy 8 months, Rosalynn!

Our little Rosalynn is 8 months old!


She celebrated by cutting her very first tooth! Since she cut a tooth, I finally gave her some finger food. She is OBSESSED with other people when they’re eating, but I’ve been very wary about giving her anything because she tends to just shove everything in her mouth, whether it’s edible or not. I’ve dug more things out of her throat than I care to remember. She was VERY happy to have finger food. I wish I’d been videotaping the first bite. She looked at me like she kept expecting me to take it away, then when she realized I wasn’t she got a huge smile on her face.

wpid-20150916_194440.jpg wpid-20150916_194508.jpg

Of course, first time with finger food, she immediately had to get a bath. Well, shower. She loves the shower. When she hears that shower turn on, it doesn’t matter where she is in the bedroom, she crawls all the way to the shower and tries to get in. Mitchell thinks it’s hilarious. “Come on, Rosie. You want to take a shower, too?” I still don’t trust him enough to let them shower together, though.

wpid-20150916_203524.jpg wpid-20150916_203521.jpg

Other than the teething issues (which mostly occur at night, lucky me), this little girl is becoming quite the ray of sunshine (seriously, no sarcasm!). She absolutely adores her big brother and follows him around wherever he goes. Luckily he mostly lets her play with him. He always wants to wrestle with her, which, as you can imagine, doesn’t work out that well, but she loves it. It makes it hard for me to say “No, you’ll hurt Rosie” when she’s laughing.

She’s an absolute cuddle bug. She hugs like there’s no tomorrow. Like, wraps her arms around your neck and buries her face in your face types of hugs. Her favorite thing is sleeping in the crook of my arm or on my chest. You know, when she decides she absolutely can’t stay awake any longer, because the only way she goes to sleep anymore is if she’s on the brink of exhaustion.

More than anything, she wants to be involved. She wants to do what everyone else is doing. It kills her if she has to stay on the patio while we play in the yard. She can’t stand it. Now that she can speedily army crawl, she even gets upset if Mitchell is playing on the floor and she’s in her walker and can’t reach him. Yep, she’s still army crawling. Except she can go really fast with it now, and her little butt gets to moving from side to side, so she looks like a snake slithering across the floor. It’s a little weird to see.

She’s really, honestly, a lot of fun to have around right now. At least if I have to be carrying around 18 pounds on my hip constantly, it’s a very cute 18 pounds. I can’t wait to see what the next month brings!

By themagnificentms

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