Not quite, kid.

Miscommunication reins supreme in our house. It seems that almost all of our problems boil down to something being interpreted wrong. Today’s conversation with Mitchell is no exception.

This morning I decided to talk to him about Halloween. It’s coming up, and depending on what he wants to be, my procrastinating butt might need a head start making his costume. So I showed him some pictures of his previous [adorable] Halloween costumes. I read him a book about costumes. I told him he could dress up as whatever he wanted and go trick-or-treating. I started naming off things that he could dress up as, such as the Man in the Yellow Hat, or Curious George, or a minion. Well, something got lost in toddler translation, because next thing I know he’s running up to me with his stuffed minion and a pair of shorts and telling me the minion needed to get dressed up. He tried to put shorts on Curious George, too, but the only thing that would fit was a pair of underwear. For the rest of the morning, he walked around the house looking for candy, saying that they were all dressed up. Whoops! Maybe should have waited a while to talk about Halloween!


By themagnificentms

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