Poor Laika

How many of my posts have been titled “Poor Laika”? Too many, in Laika’s opinion, I’m sure. I’m really glad that her first 8 years were spent spoiled absolutely rotten. It makes me feel less terrible that my children use her as a jungle gym now. And, really, other than the jungle gym thing, she’s still pretty spoiled. She makes sure of it. If I forget, she just steals some spoiling in the form of the kids’ food. Bonus points if it’s the VERY LAST PIECE of birthday cake. Still grumbling about that one.

Anyway, both of the littles were trying to climb all over her this morning. I finally convinced Mitchell that he couldn’t ride her like a horse, so he grabbed his minion and asked if he wanted to ride Laika. He’s such a sharer.


And Rosie just had fun crawling all over her.



Not that she’s limited to crawling these days. She’s been able to go from laying down to sitting for a couple weeks now, and yesterday she did her first official pull up to standing. I’m so not ready for this. Although, maybe if she’s standing or walking, she’ll quit eating every damn thing she finds on the ground. I swear, she’s 8 months old and I’ve already saved her life more times than I can count. And not in the general mom “I have you life” sense. No, I’m talking about her face is purple and I’m digging a random leaf out of her throat. Or a dead bug. Yeah. That was awesome. Truthfully, though, her breath never smelled better.

Anyway. Pulling herself up.


She also gets VERY jealous when Daddy takes Mitchell outside while I’m cooking dinner. She crawls over to the door and doesn’t move until he comes to get her.


And tonight she decided to rearrange the patio furniture. Or else lobby for being released from the walker.

And, as usual, my babies being adorable. Mitchell loved reading to her. When she isn’t eating the pages.


By themagnificentms

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