So, Mitchell picked out his own clothes…

You know those adorable blogs about toddler fashion, with perfect ensembles and kids with better fashion sense than I’ll ever have? Yeah…this will never be one of those blogs. I don’t think I do that bad of a job dressing my children, but Mitchell’s begun to demand a little more input into his outfits. Usually it’s limited to picking out his socks and shoes boots, but since he got his new dresser (just realized I didn’t post about THAT adventure…I’ll get on that!) he’s decided he needs to pick out more pieces of his wardrobe. It’s getting interesting.



That’s right. He just cruised the neighborhood in swim trunks and cowboy boots, towing his backhoe (don’t try to tell him it’s a front loader. He’ll argue with you).

For nap he even added a cowboy hat, but luckily he said it made him too sweaty to keep wearing.


Ah, individualism. He rocks it.

By themagnificentms

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