Have I mentioned we’re food-motivated?

We might be a bit food-motivated around here. I have a near-obsession with food trucks, Mitchell’s love of snacks is no secret, and it seems Roe is following the trend. Since starting finger foods, she now just doesn’t believe that anything is off-limits. Last night, we went to Target. If you ask Mitchell, the only reason one visits Target is to eat popcorn. So he was in the basket of the cart, doing his thing, Rosie was in the seat, I turn away to pick a toothbrush to go with my cart full of candy, and look back to see this:


Yep, all the way around, begging for popcorn. I finally started fishing for pieces that didn’t have any kernel left and giving them to her. Don’t worry, I was pretty particular about which pieces I gave her. Lord knows I don’t want to have to give her the Heimlich again. Ever. That was terrifying.

Today, Mitchell dug one of his baby hats out of his outgrown pile and insisted on wearing it to the mall. Hi, Radar!


Rosie was THRILLED today because I let her get down and play with Mitchell at the play area.



She thought she was just hot stuff there. All the other parents were amazed that she was crawling and standing so well. I guess I’d just kinda forgotten the ages and stages. I’m just so used to seeing her crawl around that I figured it was the norm. Oh, and climb stairs. That’s right. She’s climbing stairs. Add a stair gate to the long list of crap we need now!


Another item on that list? A new keyless entry remote for my car. When Mitchell was a baby, he chewed on it so you had to push the unlock button just right to unlock it. Annoying, but still functional. Rosie got hold of it the other night and chewed it so that whenever the remote comes within range of the car, the alarm starts randomly going off and the only way to stop it is to hold the key in the passenger door in the unlock position until the system resets. Annoying and no longer functional. Meh. Kids. We’re never going to have nice things again!

By themagnificentms

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