Happy 9 months, Rosalynn!

Our little Rosalynn is nine months old (as of a couple days ago). I can’t believe it! Argh. She’s getting so big!


She had her 9 month check-up on Friday, complete with a flu shot. She’s now 27.5 inches (46th percentile) and 18 pounds 4 ounces (52nd percentile).The doctor said she’s completely up to par developmentally, so I guess it’s normal for 9 month olds to crawl all the way up the stairs and walk along couches. This is one of my favorite “her personality” pictures right now because if she isn’t smiling from ear to ear out of pride, she’s making this face:


She’s currently fighting off her first cold of the season. Her poor nose is so stuffed up. She’s pretty much only slept the last two days if she’s been propped up on my arm. See how I put those two sentences next to each other to imply that the first caused the second? I’m hoping the only reason she’s had such trouble sleeping is her nose, anyway. Or the teeth. She’s also teething. If she wasn’t also coughing, I’d assume the runny nose was just a side effect of the teething. But, no, she gets to deal with both.

She’s still obsessed with her big brother. Anywhere he goes, she goes. Anything he does, she does. She’s OBSESSED. He can make her smile just by entering the room. Sometimes he wants to make her go somewhere and seems to think he can just pull her along by the arm, so she doesn’t enjoy that. But otherwise, he does pretty well with her.

DSC_0029 DSC_0019

She absolutely refuses baby food anymore. She even gets upset when she eats something that’s completely different than what we’re having. She wants to see me take it off my plate and put it on hers. Picky, picky. She seems to enjoy everything, though, so I guess I shouldn’t complain. She especially loves sharing my morning yogurt and she LOVES cornbread. She definitely has an appetite!

DSC_0013 DSC_0055 DSC_0053

This is one of my favorite pictures of her. Mostly because I never see myself in her, but I REALLY see myself in this expression of hers!


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