GAH they’re cute!

This little girl is just ADORABLE. And Mitchell is too. I’m screwed. Really screwed. I won’t ever be able to say no to either of these kids.

Trying to climb into the rocker:


Playing with Mommy:

Maybe should’ve used a bib. But she loves vegetable soup!


Check out how much she looks like me as a baby in this one!


Even Mitchell thinks she’s adorable. He’s always hugging her and loving her. He’s discovered he can carry her, which is interesting.


One downside to the week has been a bit of a misunderstanding with Mitchell. So, Mitchell loves to roar. We roar a lot around here. We just run around roaring and chasing each other.

But I couldn’t figure out why he kept grabbing Rosie’s hands and making her cry. He wasn’t hurting her, but it was really annoying her and she kept crying about it. I kept telling him to quit doing that, and then finally I told him he’d have to go to time out if he did it again. So, I get him up on the time out stool and ask him if he knew why he was there. He told me it was because he grabbed Rosie’s hands. I said, “Yes, aaaaand…and you made her cry.” He looked completely offended and said, “No, I didn’t make her cry! I made her roar!” I couldn’t help it, I laughed. “Oh, honey, you aren’t making her roar, you’re making her CRY!”

Unfortunately, it’s an ongoing argument. He doesn’t grab her hands very much anymore (this happened a few days ago), but when she cries he still says she’s roaring. So, we’re working on it.

By themagnificentms

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