Happy 10 Months, Roe!


I can’t believe I haven’t posted a single thing in 10 days. It’s been a whirlwind of activity around here the last couple weeks. My camera was actually dusty when I tried to take her 10 month pictures.

Rosalynn is ten months old now! But speaking of how old she is or how close she is to one year is strictly forbidden around here. FORBIDDEN.

She can stand on her own for about five seconds now, loves pushing things across the floor, and likes holding on to my legs as I walk so she can walk behind, which means I’ve slowed down a LOT.

She also has a TEMPER. Seriously, a temper. I knew there would be sibling issues, but I assumed they’d go the other way. I thought Mitchell would be the jealous one. But if she sees Mitchell sitting in my lap, she screams. Her angry scream is remarkably similar to her hurt scream, so I have to watch myself for getting onto Mitchell until I know that he hurt her and didn’t just make her mad somehow.

Mostly, though, they play together very nicely. Thanks to Amazon, they get plenty of hide and seek games.


And, as a sign of how long it’s been since I transferred pictures from my camera, here’s Mitchell saying how yucky the Halloween pumpkin was.


Mitchell decided he needed to take pictures of Rosie for her photo shoot, too.


By themagnificentms

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