Odds and Ends

I’m getting truly terrible at posting the adorable moments that happen around here. So, here are some pictures and videos to show that we still exist.

We went to the farm again on Friday, this time with a couple friends. Mitchell’s friend taught him that sticks are really light sabers, a lesson he thankfully didn’t bring home with him. Rosie even made a friend, even though that friend’s favorite game was eat-her-face. And, true to form, the kids all decided that, as much fun as it was to see animals and visit the farm…OMG DID YOU SEE THIS PUDDLE?!


Because the point of crafts shows is to use your goods merely to barter with other vendors, Mitchell is now the proud owner of a minion hat. And I do need to stress the word proud.


I have a feeling this picture will resurface in about 20 years…


And now, the promised videos.

Rosie has decided that climbing the stairs is the funnest game this house has to offer. She loves being chased up the stairs. Mitchell always thinks she is going upstairs to play with him, so he always yells at me to stay downstairs while they go play. I’ll remind him of that in a couple years! (Or even tomorrow when she tries to eat his Daniel Tiger doll again.)


Good news: Rose skipped the whole sippy cup phase and went straight to straw cups. Bad news: she thinks this is hilarious.


This phase always makes me thankful for dogs.


She definitely thinks she’s getting big!


New game: ribbit ribbit. Basically, he hops with Roe in the room. But she MUST be in the room!


Well, I’m about to go to the grocery store, in the evening, two days before Thanksgiving, with two unnapped kids. So I need to get my wits about me. Thankfully I just reminded myself that they’re adorable at least 51% of the time. Hopefully that’ll keep me from abandoning them in the middle of aisle 3 with the too-much-advice stranger.

By themagnificentms

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