Christmas time is here!

Last night we took family Christmas pictures! I have no idea how I’ll ever pick just a few for our Christmas cards.

We got so lucky that the stars aligned just perfectly to produce two well-behaved, mostly clean, semi-smiley children for the pictures. Just a few hours before our appointment, I was thinking I should just cancel the appointment because there was no way we would get through it without a meltdown from Mitchell. It was entirely my fault, of course. I had jinxed myself by watching a grandma chase her screaming 3-year-old granddaughter through the library to give her a spanking and thinking, “Whew. At least Mitchell never acts like that when it’s time to go.” Cue the EXACT SAME SITUATION involving Mitchell and I fifteen minutes later (minus the spanking). Well, technically, I wasn’t chasing him, because I refuse to sink to that level. I just stood there until I finally issued the threat that broke through his super-tired barely-functioning brain: “You’re going straight to time-out when we get home if you don’t get over here RIGHT NOW.” And since he was wearing four socks on one foot and one sock on the other, his shoe fell off about twenty times while he was throwing the fit and trying to make his way to me, which just made him more angry. The answer, of course, was not to remove any socks. Duh. Just fix the shoe!

Anyway. Half of the drive home, he screamed because I wouldn’t go to the mall (on the other side of town) to get him a pretzel (“but we are HUNGRY!”), then we passed Dairy Queen, so the rest of the drive home he screamed because I wouldn’t stop for ice cream. Then he screamed because I made him corn dogs. Then he screamed because I suggested he could not eat the corn dogs and go lay down. So he ate all the corn dogs, screamed some more, laid down (at about 12:30), and didn’t fall asleep until almost 3. I was very seriously considering cancelling the appointment.

But he woke up at just the right level of too-tired-to-run-and-play but awake-enough-to-kinda-smile. It was perfect. I did have to do a few rounds of “If You’re Happy and You Know It” for the pictures of him and Rosie (check out him joining for the “shout hooray” verse). In a skirt. And heels. In a building that is comprised entirely of windows. With people walking outside. Oh yeah. I looked awesome, I’m sure. But the pictures made it worth it! Check them out!


By themagnificentms

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