Happy 11 months, Roe.

Our Little Bit turned 11 months old on Monday! Unfortunately, overnight on Sunday night she developed a fever and since then, this is pretty much the only position she’s agreed to:




Seriously, today (Thursday) I got creative with the stuffed animal in her crib and it’s the first time she’s slept in her crib since Sunday.


My arm is so sore I can barely lift anything. Or work my heat press, which is convenient because my shirts are selling like hotcakes on Etsy. Ok, maybe not quite that awesome, but still, impressive for only being in business for like a month.

She did get a bit of reprieve from her sickness on Tuesday night, just in time to steal Daddy’s new horn mug. (Happy anniversary, favorite husband ever!)


Can you believe it? 8 years. We’ve been married for 8 years! I remember the days when we would celebrate our anniversary by getting all fancied up, enjoy a fancy dinner, go get drinks, spend the night cuddled on the couch enjoying a Netflix binge. This year I managed to shave a single leg while balancing Rosie on the hip in the shower, didn’t even do my hair, considered it “dressing up” to wear jeans instead of leggings, and spent the entire dinner unknowingly supporting Rosie’s chewed-up lettuce down my back. And we still called it a successful outing because neither child had a meltdown during dinner or “shared” food with other customers. I really don’t think either of us saw this coming 8 years ago. But I’m so lucky that the person I found amazing, hilarious, and my best friend 8 years ago still amazes me everyday with his kind acts, make me laugh, and is the first person I share news with, good or bad.

I’m very lucky in this life.

By themagnificentms

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