Some Christmas Updates

Surprisingly, I don’t have too many pictures of our Christmas presents-opening extravaganza. Every time I set the camera down, Roe tried to make out with it, so I had to put it up pretty quickly.

Other than trying to eat my camera, Roe got VERY into this whole Christmas presents thing. She kept crawling from person to person, pulling chunks of wrapping paper off of random presents as she went. She had a great time. Mitchell was, surprisingly, a little overwhelmed. I guess that isn’t terribly surprising when you consider just how many presents he had to open. Everyone went waaaay above and beyond in spoiling him this year. He took several hours to open his presents, because he kept just wanting to play with the first toys he opened.



Grandpa, giving Mommy one of the best gifts ever: cleaning up the wrapping paper!


Rosie got exhausted very early and took a quick nap on Mommy’s shoulder. I just can’t complain about that!


And, of course, my kids had the usual “Why do I need toys? I’ll just take the box” Christmas evening. They kept having me close the box (with them in it), push it over to Justin or Grandpa, say, “Here’s a Christmas present for you!” and then they would jump out. It was hilarious and adorable, to say the least.


Also, an ADORABLE fun new development: Rosie got a necklace for Christmas. It’s one of those teething necklaces that the mom wears and the baby chews on, but she snagged it immediately and put it on. Since then, she’s rarely been seen without it. I have to wait until she’s asleep before I take it off. She’s obsessed. And it’s awesome.


And now, for the bad news: the day after Christmas started the Great Christmas Sickness. First I, then Justin, and finally, the next day, Grandpa, got SICK. I’m assuming the flu or something, but Justin keeps telling me I poisoned everyone for Christmas. But whatever it was, it kicked our butts. Luckily my super-sick portion was only five-ish hours long, because Justin’s and Grandpa’s was much longer, and the post-super-sick portion, which was being completely exhausted and sore, was almost just as bad. Let’s just say that the kids got to watch every single new movie they got for Christmas many, many times in a row. Thank GOODNESS they had a huge amount of new Christmas toys to entertain them while the adults laid around feeling like death. Not exactly the best way to end the holidays. But, aside from a nasty morning for me this morning, we’re pretty much all healthy today. Fingers crossed that things will only get better from here!

Hope everyone else had a very merry Christmas, too!

By themagnificentms

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