Goodness gracious! It turns out, when I’m taking two classes, running a more-successful-than-expected t-shirt shop, and taking care of two increasingly-ornery kids keeps me from posting much on this poor blog! It’s been two weeks!

Since most people have most likely given up on checking for updates, I won’t bother explaining much about the plethora of pictures that will follow.

First, here’s what we’ve been doing for the last couple weeks:

Grandma and Grandpa Metcalf visited for Rosie’s birthday. Everyone had a great time. Mitchell was spoiled with attention, Rosie was spoiled with oohs and aahs, my house was super clean for a few days, and we were all sad when they left. Mitchell kept pointing at every red truck saying, “Grandma and Grandpa are here!”

Kingsley has been going EVERYWHERE with us. This is half because Mitchell insists on bringing him, and half because Kingsley insists on coming. Between the two of them, I can’t win. Mitchell actually put Kingsley in the car the other day before we went somewhere (yes, opened the garage, opened the door of the car, and closed the car door). Only after Kingsley was safely already in the car did Mitchell come tell me that Kingsley was coming with us. Um, ok. Thank goodness he has a thick coat, because it’s COLD out here.

Rosie has discovered books. Obviously, we’ve read to Rosie, and she certainly sees us reading to Mitchell all the time. But this last week she’s REALLY discovered books. Whenever nap time or bed time rolls around, we sit on Mitchell’s bed and read four books. Well, Rosie’s started crawling up on the bed with HER book when she realizes it’s that time. She then proceeds to throw a holy fit until we read HER book. And KEEP reading her book. Not Mitchell’s. Hers. All day, she grabs her favorite books (Curious George, Rachael Hale hand-me-downs from Mitchell, Brown Bear Brown Bear, and Hands are not for Hitting (I consider this favorite to be a passive-aggressive jab at her brother)), crawls into my lap, and hands the book to me. If I’m not sitting, she follows me around with the book fussing until I finally take the book and start reading. Thankfully, she doesn’t know the words of the books yet, so if I just have her book open and randomly turn the pages, I can still read Mitchell his book.

Rosie has grown increasingly jealous. If Mitchell gets anywhere near my lap and she isn’t otherwise distracted, she starts fussing, then crying, then pushing him out of my lap. Thankfully, Mitchell has taken it pretty well and hasn’t pushed back. He also doesn’t move, so maybe that’s his push-back. It breaks my heart that she’s so jealous, but it also breaks my heart to think that Mitchell doesn’t feel welcome on my lap anymore. Finding a solution to this is an ongoing project.

Today we went to the Discovery Center for the first time (thanks, Granny, for the membership!). It was AMAZING. It’s huge! Mitchell didn’t want to leave the water feature, which showed the precipitation cycle. He didn’t care about that, though, he just cared that there were boats. IN WATER. When we first approached it, he said, “Mommy! Is this a water park!” I was only half paying attention, so I did a little “uh-huh, isn’t this cool?” while I got Rosie out of the stroller. Two seconds later, there’s my son, making a giant splash in the “river”. Soaking. Wet. Oh, my son. There were a couple grandmas resting on a bench nearby who looked at me and seriously shook their heads. I bit my tongue, but I wanted to say something like, “Really? This doesn’t even make it to my bad behavior list. When he tries to pee in the river, that’s when I’ll raise my voice.”

Rosie’s favorite thing was the ducks. Yeah, ducks. They had DUCKS at the Discovery Center! I guess she was giggling when Justin had her there (I was being held against my will at the salt water aquarium), and the moment I approached it with her she got a huge grin on her face.


Random other things from the Discovery Center:


See if you can spot Daddy in that last picture. Can’t find him? Look for the giant gaping-I-mean-yawning mouth.

Rosie was so tired, she conked out before we got home.


Consider this a giant seal of approval for the Radio Flyer whatever-this-is. It was on my list for Mitchell for Christmas, but I didn’t think it was going to be this big, so I ended up not getting it. Then I saw it at a garage sale and brought it home. Holy cow, these kids LOVE it. Mitchell loves pushing Rosie around in it, and Rosie loves just using it as a chair. Mitchell wheels himself around the house. So he’s managed to make even running around the house part of a sedentary lifestyle! He’s such a good ‘merican.


Rosie had her 12 month check-up the other day. She thought it was hilarious to hide from the doctor. Since it was a shots appointment, I’m pretty sure she was saying “You can’t give me shots if you can’t find me!” After the doctor had done the check-up and verified that she’s fit as a fiddle (seriously, where did we get that expression?), the doctor started discussing her size (itty bitty) and said, “Well, this might just be her growth pattern. I’m looking at you and thinking, this might just be genetics showing itself.” So yes, even Rosie’s doctor calls me short. After I got home I realized her height and weight percentiles totally don’t match, so I thought about calling back and saying “Wait, were you calling me short AND fat?” but I didn’t. I like her doctor.


Aaand random others.


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