Finally! We get family time!

The last couple weeks have been absolutely crazy. First Justin was gone, then when he got back we all got sick, then I had to spend some late nights writing a report for class and making soooo many shirts (hooray!). But finally, I’m all caught up and we’re all healthy and, amazingly, nature celebrated with us by giving us a gorgeous day. We were already headed to Cincinnati to pick up an awesome double stroller that I’ve been crushing on for a couple years now, so we decided to stop at the zoo while we were there.

We love zoos. While in Topeka, we were bare-minimum weekly visitors to the zoo. But I underestimated this zoo. Goodness. That place was HUGE! I saw a rhino and manatees for the very first time, a white lion and lioness, a komodo  dragon…just so many animals. We didn’t even come close to seeing everything because the kids were exhausted (and so were we).

Favorites: Rosie loved the ducks and the lions (she kept waving to them). Mitchell loved the ducks that dove under the water, the manatees, and the polar bears.





Rosie’s trying to make up for my awful gardening skills.


And Rosie knows how to properly eat a pizza: toppings first!


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