We’re still here, I promise!

Things have been a bit crazy lately. It seems like this is the Winter of Sickness for our house. I’ve had 9 shirt orders come in this morning, I have a 10-page report due on Friday, a midterm exam due either Friday or Monday, and my entire family is either coming down with the flu or just getting over the flu. We were car shopping last weekend (for minivans…eeek!), the weekend before that we had to devote an entire day to getting new cell phones…I’m getting a little complain-y here, but holy cow, I feel like I haven’t had a chance to take a deep breath in years.

Anyway, just to remind everyone that we’re still here (and to cover up the fact that I still haven’t been able to sync the blog to my new phone), I’m going to share videos instead of pictures! Enjoy!

Mitchell and Rosie dancing! Mitchell RARELY, IF EVER dances here at home. He danced with Colton, and he’ll dance at the library, but I hardly EVER get him to dance with me. Once he saw Rosie dancing, though, he started dancing! Ignore the state of the house. Or don’t; your disapproval won’t magically give me the energy to clean it. https://goo.gl/photos/a7HMT61svnDpS6B7A

Rosie biting. Because she’s a biter. https://goo.gl/photos/QFeyFmG75dhfPnNw8

Jumping Falling on the bed. https://goo.gl/photos/KCtkXehNicRobaw28

Swings! https://goo.gl/photos/7aXhMBzkPjDeH3nN9

Rose reading a book 🙂 https://goo.gl/photos/7aXhMBzkPjDeH3nN9

I promise, he thinks it’s funny. https://goo.gl/photos/fKyZxZWuiJmxAkbf9

Teasing poor Kingsley. https://goo.gl/photos/jKYoVxuhDA1b8EU36

By themagnificentms

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