Random pictures update

It’s crazy that the first time I’ve had time to update this blog is when I’m on vacation. But, both kids are sleeping, my semester is nearly over, and it’s not like I can get caught up on t-shirt orders right now.

So, I blog!

Lots of pictures. I can’t even post to the present, because my phone met an untimely demise on the Discovery Center floor (thank you, Rosie) and I haven’t had time to download the pictures that were backed up (learned my lesson the last time!).


Hide and seek with the curtains: wp-1460730251126.jpgwp-1460730243515.jpgwp-1460730218539.jpg

Lambs at the farm!wp-1460730197758.jpgwp-1460730188570.jpgwp-1460730164904.jpgwp-1460730148589.jpg

Mommy, move out of the way! https://goo.gl/photos/zNThPcCkpo4GjBE2Awp-1460730099170.jpgwp-1460730090996.jpg

If it isn’t a box on her head, it’s a bucket. So proud.wp-1460730060108.jpgwp-1460730046643.jpg

Found a new outdoor nature center, and Rosie just refused to believe that she wasn’t big enough for this swing.wp-1460729993039.jpgwp-1460729986012.jpgwp-1460729970478.jpg

Rosie LOVES brushing her teeth.wp-1460729941767.jpg

In an attempt to help Mitchell recognize his feelings, I put up an emotions chart. Whenever he’s feeling an emotion, we ask him which face he’s wearing. The other day, he was pointing out all the faces and talking about them. He got to the surprised face and said, “Oh, look, he’s surprised! I want to be surprised! Can I have a surprise toy so I can be surprised?” Tricky, kid.wp-1460729924929.jpg

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