Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

I spent mine making shirts. Which is a good thing and I’m thankful and everything, but it was definitely nice taking a break for dinner. Our kids were still on post-vacation exhaustion, so they slept/cuddled all through the meal.

Seriously, some days things are crazy. Mitchell’s on a hair trigger, Rosie refuses to let me put her down, they’re fighting over every single toy in the house, etc., and I just want one freaking second to myself. But, within a few minutes, one of them comes in for a hug. And I’m reminded how great my life is.

I read a book recently (What Alice Forgot; I completely recommend it) in which the main character hits her head and loses the memories of the previous decade. Her last memory is being pregnant with her first child; when she wakes up, she has three children and is getting divorced and is a completely different person than she was ten years ago. The entire book is her looking around, astonished at the choices she’d made and the person she’d become. Anyway, it really got to me. Obviously, I have no idea what kind of person I’ll be in ten years. What if my vision of my future doesn’t come true? What if we get sucked into this mode of “just surviving” and forget to have family time? It only took me a few days to read the book, but it was a whirlwind of emotions for me during that time.

Then, when I finished it, I thought about my thoughts and dreams a decade earlier. What if I hit my head today, woke up, and had forgotten the last decade of my life? I’d thing I was 22, living in Manhattan, getting ready to move to Texas with my boyfriend, completely terrified. I had no idea if Justin actually loved me or if he was just going with the flow. I’d just dropped out of K-State because I was a hot mess.

I realized that if I woke up without all the memories of getting here, to this place in my life, I’d be shocked that I had such a great life. Yeah, we’re in Ohio, which I hate, but I have an awesome husband who goes out of his way to compliment me; two kids who want nothing more than to hug me; I’m one class shy of graduating with a master’s degree; and I have a way-more-successful-than-expected shirt shop. My life is pretty snazzy.



By themagnificentms

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