Philadelphia: second half

Two weeks later, here’s the second half of our Philadelphia trip. Yeah, I’m winning at life.

On Thursday, we went to a place called the Please Touch Museum. The kids pretty much thought it was the best place on earth. Mitchell didn’t want to leave the car wash, which was weird, because this kid is terrified of car washes. TERRIFIED. It’s a weird, new thing, and I might have had second thoughts about getting a white minivan if I’d known this phase was coming up.

Anywho. Please Touch Museum. Kids loved it. There was a bus, a trolley, a ramp to the bus that just begged to be run up and down, an entire Curious George exhibit, a rocket room, and then we finally moved away from that room. Seriously, we spent the entire morning in a single room. I mean, it was a big room, but still. And getting Mitchell to leave it, even though we were just headed to lunch, in the same museum, with the promise to return as soon as we ate lunch, resulted in an amazing amount of tears. Really, though, even though the kids took ridiculously long naps the entire week, I could watch their exhaustion level grow throughout the week. By Thursday afternoon they were on a hair trigger.

After lunch, we went to another room in the museum: the water room. It was the same concept as the Discovery Center here, like a giant water table with boats and dams, but much larger. Amazingly, Mitchell was only so-so about it. He was more excited to go ride the carousel.

THEN. We went downstairs. DOWNSTAIRS. It was the BEST, most AWESOME Alice in Wonderland exhibit EVER. Not that I have anything to compare it to. Here’s the problem: it was a series of mazes. And the maze walls were approximately 4’10” tall. So I couldn’t see over the walls. And I have two very independent kids. We stayed together for about two minutes, and then I turned around and Mitchell was gone. I did a round of Marco Polo, found him, and kept him with me for two minutes, and then Rosie took off. I chased her down, came back, and Mitchell was gone. So we did Marco Polo again. That was my afternoon. The cycle never stopped. Except for that stretch of fifteen minutes when I couldn’t find him. I was just headed to the security office when I found him playing happily in another section. Mama had a nap time beer on Thursday.

Thursday night was Best Philly Cheesesteak night. Of course we had to. Rosie decided she was done with the day on the floor of the restaurant.

Friday was Mommy’s Choice Day. We only had the morning, and I chose…THE PENITENTIARY! That’s right. It was awesome. It’s a living history museum, so they’ve only taken a few of the cells back to what they were, and the others have been left alone. One of the cells restore was Al Capone’s cell. AL CAPONE! It probably says a lot about me that, of all the places I went/could have gone in Philadelphia, a rotted, falling down jail was my favorite. But whatever. If this were the 70s, I’d have an entire slide reel dedicated to it. I took sooooo many pictures.

Then, the ride home. It wasn’t bad. The kids were happy to be home, that’s for sure.


Oh yeah. Check out the price list at the hotel. The minibar was equipped with motion sensors, so if you moved or shook or whatever an item, they charged you for it. Which means that your toddler can spend his entire college tuition on one lousy game of grocery store.


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