Ok, I PROMISE we’re still here. It’s been an absolute madhouse around here. Between classes last semester, trying to get all the kids’ outgrown clothes into a consignment sale, and making shirts, it seems I haven’t had a moment to myself in months. Justin and I stayed up until midnight talking the other night because I’d been spending my evenings in the basement while he spent his evenings outside with the kids; we hadn’t had an actual conversation in over a week.

Mitchell is still rocking the imagination play, and it’s ADORABLE. Everyone and everything becomes a character in whatever movie or book he’s watched or read most recently. Right now he loves the Frozen movie, so his horse is named Sven and he’s constantly reenacting scenes from the movie with him.

Rosie is an adorable little sister. None of her toys are good enough; she lurks beside Mitchell while he’s playing, and the moment he walks away she grabs his toy and runs. This has resulted in a few emergency trips to Target or Toys R Us to get duplicate toys. Because, sure, I could teach them to share, OR I could just throw money at the problem. (I promise this hasn’t happened THAT many times. Generally they do figure out a way to share.)

I doubt I’ll have time to describe each and every video, but hopefully I’ll get to post a decent amount of videos before the heat press gets fully heated up. – This is a video about swim lessons. Mitchell was SO EXCITED to go. He spent the 30 minute swim lesson crying to avoid the pool (or, more accurately, the instructor). He then spent 30 minutes after the swim lesson screaming and throwing himself around the bathroom because he wanted to get into the pool. Extracurricular activities are such fun, aren’t they? – Seriously, she copies WHATEVER he does. – 5 Little Monkeys was our book of the week. Can you tell?

Slip and slide fun! – Little Sister’s revenge! – One of the toys that resulted in an emergency trip to Toys R Us.

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