Off to run some errands

Both kids are in to pretend play right now. It’s adorable. Whatever shirt Mitchell wears, he “is” that character. For example, he wears the top half of his Woody costume, which is just a shirt and vest, and for the rest of the day he “is” Woody. He has to be addressed as Woody, and goes around doing whatever Woody does. And it doesn’t have to be a character; he does it with his dinosaur shirt or duck shirt or whatever else he can find in his shirt drawer. It definitely makes me thankful for the t-shirt shop when he demands that he “be” Totoro today and I can just run downstairs and make him a Totoro shirt!

Anyway, even Rosie gets in on the pretend play action. The other night she kept trying to go run errands. She had her little bucket and kept coming to wave goodbye to us, then trying to get out the garage door. Even though it went on for at least ten minutes, it was cute for all ten minutes.

In Mitchell’s current favorite movie, Totoro, the little sister runs away and the big sister runs all over the countryside asking neighbors, “Have you seen my sister?” So now, of course, Mitchell is obsessed with constantly finding Rosie and guiding her back to me. Most of the time it’s adorable, until she doesn’t want to come and it turns into a wrestling match. But last night at the mall, he kept stopping whatever he was doing, running up to me and yelling, “Mommy! Have you seen my sister?! I have to find her!” and then hunting her down. Seriously, love these kids!

Mitchell’s a little confused right now about babies and the aging process. He’s started saying, “When I was a little girl…” instead of “When I was a baby.” For example, “I peed in diapers when I was a little girl! But now I’m a big boy!” Curiously, when he speaks of Rosie’s future, it’s always, “When she’s a big girl…” I’ve tried talking to him about the fact that he was a little BOY, not GIRL, but it doesn’t stick. I’m sure he’ll get it soon. But for now it’s hilarious to see people’s faces when he tells Rosie in the middle of Target, “Yeah, I wore that dress when I was a little girl! And now you get to wear it because you’re a little girl!”

By themagnificentms

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