Work, work, work. 

Poor Mitchell is a victim of child labor. The other day he asked if he could vacuum, and after I got over my initial shock and worry (what exactly are you trying to hide?) and found the vacuum (seriously, who loses a vacuum?) he really did a great job of it! I hope he keeps thinking of it as a game. Or, really, my FLOORS hope he keeps thinking of it as a game. 

And then, yard work! I’ve been treating our house like a rental, and do did the previous 8 years’of tenants, so its yard is awful. So is the inside, but ya know. 
Anyway, the yard rocks all these sections bordered by those landscaping borders, but the inside of the sections is just filled with grass. Well, I’m tired of having to get the weed wacker all the time, so I decided to cover it with mulch. And Mitchell helped! The kids mostly loved the trips to Lowe’s. So did everyone else at Lowe’s. It turns out I have cute kids. Even when they’re running in opposite directions. Seriously, it was like we were reenacting the movie Speed, except instead of a bomb going off whenever I stopped the cart, my kids took off running in opposite directions and I died from exhaustion trying to chase them down. Rosie’s so clingy she won’t let me out of her sight (ever) unless we’re in public, then she just takes off running at every opportunity.

Speaking of taking off running, I feel no shame at the measures I go to to keep her out of the road while I work. Not that it lasted long, I was worried the neighbors were going to think she was being beaten. 

By themagnificentms

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