I’m Grateful: an act of therapy

Sometimes life gets stressful. Sometimes things look very gloomy. Today is one of those times. And so I will make a list and remind myself to be grateful.

I’m grateful for my family. Obviously. It seems that every grateful list must start with this one.

I’m grateful that my son is naturally kind. I would love to take credit for his sweet, caring attitude and empathetic nature, but I also raised Rosie, whose greatest joy is a good titty twister, so obviously Mitchell was just born this way.

I’m grateful I will never have to remind my daughter that she is worthy. I pity the fool who is the first to tell her she can’t do something because she’s a girl. She was born knowing that she can do anything if she puts her mind to it. She can play with dolls, she can paint her nails, and she can tackle her big brother to the ground. She can paint herself with mud, she can jump off the back of the couch, and she can cuddle with Mommy for hours. She can do anything.

I’m grateful that my husband constantly strives to be a better person. I am a much different person today than I was at 18. Obviously, part of that is due to just plain growing up, but I credit Justin for the majority of it. Always marry someone you want to emulate. My husband is kind, calm, and polite to a fault. When he sees somebody in pain or suffering, he wants to help. His goal in life is to make those around him happy.

I’m grateful my children have such love in their life. I’m one crazy mother and have a very long list of faults, but I love my children to excess. They have never questioned this, nor have they questioned their father’s love. But children need a bigger support network than this, and they have it. They regularly ask to call Grandpa and beg to stay at their aunt’s house so they can play with their cousin. They’re blessed with fantastic neighbors. I can see the love in their lives reflected in their own interactions with the world, and I’m so incredibly grateful that this is the base from which they will grow.

I’m grateful for the outdoors. This crazy house would never qualify for a Better Homes & Gardens photoshoot (not even the before pictures), but the backyard is a little slice of paradise. The many trees and shrubs create a forest-like atmosphere, and I could spend hours in my rocking chair on the patio. My black thumb has even managed to find some plants I can keep alive.

I’m grateful for the giant dog who hasn’t killed my kids yet. This morning I stepped into my office to start my day only to find that Covey had scattered the contents of my trash can far and wide, so I’m struggling a bit to be grateful for her right now. But I know I should be. This 100+ pound teddy bear lets the kids climb all over her and doesn’t bat an eye. She’s darn cute, too, and provided lots of great pictures.

I’m grateful for Mexican food. And, on that note, I’m signing off, because my awesome husband just offered to take me out for chips and salsa.

By themagnificentms

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