A few pictures

Mitchell discovered sequins. Ugh. “Do you think this is enough, Mommy?” Yes, son. Way more than enough.


This is how Rosie watches movies while I’m working. And, in this case, she just fell asleep.


Mitchell discovered Car & Driver magazine in the doctor’s office the other day. I’m seriously considering buying him a subscription. I’ve never seen him more animated with other adults. He generally doesn’t acknowledge their presence, but with this, the nurse asked if he was looking at a magazine and he enthusiastically said, “Yeah! Look! There’s a car, and a truck, and look at this car! Which room are we going to? 7! Ok, I’ll find it!” It’s probably the most words he’s spoken to a stranger in his entire life.


By themagnificentms

Oh Kansas!

We took a quick trip to Kansas…two weeks ago. And I’m so slow that I’m just now posting them. And, let’s face it, this is only because I’m procrastinating writing my very last paper EVER for grad school. Or any school. Ever.

Mitchell and Rosie love staying at Aunt Brooke’s house. They absolutely love Colton. Mitchell is still playing with his cars and saying “Here comes Aunt Brooke! Here comes Colton! Here comes Grandpa! Ok, here we go to Aunt Brooke’s house!”


By themagnificentms

Happy 4th!

Just a couple weeks late. No big deal. 

Mitchell dressed himself. He’s a ‘Merican.

The kids enjoyed their first ever fireworks show! Kingsley always got so stressed and had seizures over the holiday that we’ve never been able to be out and about for the 4th, so this is the first time Mitchell’s really seen a display. It’s probably the first time in 10 years that Justin and I have, either! Mitchell and Rosie loved them. They loved staying up late even more. Justin and I, not so much. Justin wanted to call it quits by 9.

Aaaaand exhausted. 

Mitchell told Justin that he could go to sleep…with Mitchell on his head. 

By themagnificentms