Sick babies, and other randoms

We got back from Kansas late Monday night, and by Tuesday around noon, Mitchell was sick. The only symptoms were a fever and absolute exhaustion, so I have no idea what he had, but that poor kid was feeling it. His fever broke late Wednesday night, but Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were spent throwing giant, crazy, uncontrollable fits about the most minor things, like a blanket covering that toe that he didn’t want covered.

So finally, Sunday morning, he woke up cheery. My baby boy was back. Just in time for Rosie to catch it. She was sick exactly the same amount of time he was and absolutely refused to be put down.

My poor, poor babies.


By themagnificentms

And then, Kansas!

After the success of the Iowa trip, we said what the hell, let’s stay in Ohio long enough to throw all the clothes from our suitcases into the washer, then pack it up again and head to Kansas. Just kidding. We got word that my grandfather had passed away, so we packed right back up and headed to Kansas.

The whirlwind journeys proved to be a bit much for the kids, but, all things considered, they did really well on the trip.

Mitchell fell in love with Aunt Brooke’s kittens and insisted on carrying Patches around like a baby, crooning away in her ear, “It’s ok, I gotcha. Let’s go night night. Whew, you’re getting heavy! Here, do you want something to eat? I gotcha. Don’t worry.” It was mostly adorable, but let’s just say that boy cannot take hints about when his loving is unwanted.


By themagnificentms


I’m just going to pretend it hasn’t been over a month since I posted something here and just move on like nothing happened. Because, really, the last couple months have been so busy I’ve probably forgotten most of the details anyway.

So, at the beginning of August, we went to Iowa for a family reunion on Justin’s side. We rented a cabin on Lake Red Rock and went ahead and stayed a whole week. Brooke and Colton met us there.

To be honest, I’m not all that much of an outdoors person. I’ve gotten better since the kids came along since they love being outside so much, but I’m still kind of eh about it. Buy this cabin, and this lake, are a little piece of paradise. It was beautiful. We spent so much time on the back porch just gazing. Deer walked through the yard constantly. A baby raccoon let Rosie get too close for comfort.

The kids loved the lake. Rosie kept walking out as far as she could get, then when she lost her footing she’d just lay on her back and let herself get washed ashore, giggling the whole time. Mitchell kept telling anyone who would listen that he could swim now.

Mitchell, Rosie, and Colton played together so nicely it was like they were well-behaved kids or something. And of course the adults played nicely together, too.

Seriously, remembering that relaxed, peaceful feeling got me through some tight spots in the weeks to come.


By themagnificentms