Great-Grandma’s Birthday

It was Great-Grandma’s birthday a couple weeks ago, and we decided to make it pretty special for her. We decided she needed a seafood feast! So last Thursday she and Brooke drove up to Topeka. First we went to the zoo to see elephant painting (it was a lot less impressive than it sounds…no paintbrushes were involved). It was fun to see the elephants doing tricks afterward, though.

3-20-2014 Trip to Topeka 004 (2) 3-20-2014 Trip to Topeka 003 (2) 3-20-2014 Trip to Topeka 005 (2) 3-20-2014 Trip to Topeka 006 (2) 3-20-2014 Trip to Topeka 009 (2)

The tigers must have really enjoyed the elephant painting, though, because they were VERY riled up. Even though I completely trust the strength of their enclosure, every time they lunged at the glass or jumped up there, I did cringe a bit. Mitchell just giggled, though. Because the boy has NO fear. Unless you count toys that sing at him. Then he has a lot of fear.

3-20-2014 Trip to Topeka 012 (2)

As usual, he loved feeding the llama and the goats. Unfortunately, it seems that he’s discovered how to lure the llama and goats to him with the food, then keep the food to use again. The goats are stupid and fell for it every time.

3-20-2014 Trip to Topeka 015 (2)

And of course, no trip to the zoo is complete without a picture with the gorilla.

3-20-2014 Trip to Topeka 020 (2)

And then, SEAFOOD! I made my very first lobster tail, crab legs, corn on the cob, and potatoes. It was all finished off with a large amount of Billy Vanilly cupcakes. Mitchell, it turns out, loves crab legs.

3-20-2014 Trip to Topeka 027 (2) 3-20-2014 Trip to Topeka 026 (2) 3-20-2014 Trip to Topeka 024 (2) 3-20-2014 Trip to Topeka 022 (2) 3-20-2014 Trip to Topeka 028 (2)

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